Creative Arts Learning Vacations in Southern Spain


Excursions in Spain

For each Workshop we have put together a different selection of excursions that are chosen from among the following.

For information about the various excursions please choose a destination from the left.

All our excursions have been chosen for their great painting potential, and together with their cultural heritage provide a spectacular range of subjects and will appeal to painters of all categories - architectural, street scenes,landscape, animals, people etc. Things new, old and even ancient are all to be found wherever we go. You notice the cultural presence of the Moors who were there from 700 to 1492 AD, and who left a vast legacy to the whole province of Andalucia and then the Spanish heritage from the years after the reconquest right up to the present day to provide a rich cultural display.

Bring your digital cameras so that your film can be printed back at El Molino as a reference guide for your paintings.

To view a complete set of pictures of excursions, please click here or view on YouTube.