Creative Arts Learning Vacations in Southern Spain

A Typical Day at El Molino

A Typical Day

Breakfast at your own pace and serve yourself with fresh squeezed orange juice, cereals, yogurts, toast, tea or fresh ground coffee. There are also organic eggs from our chickens who are presided over by two magnificent roosters or duck eggs if you would like to try them.

10 to 1: Workshops take place in one of the covered studios, either by the pool or the tennis court, in the courtyard, or in a shady spot down by the stream. An early morning might find us in local Tapia to catch those strong morning shadows, or the bustle of the morning market.

1 to 2:  Enjoy several different salads made from the best of local produce in the market, great fresh bread and seasonal fruit. These are helped along by one of Mike's ice cold Andalucian soups, great *pâtés* or roasted vegetables. Watch Mike as he coaxes thin slices of proscuitto off a leg of cured mountain ham (the Pata Negra Ham is reputedly the best and sweetest in the world - preserved in salt, then hung and air dried for up to 2 years to cure), or carves up some delicious cold chicken. There is also a selection of specialty cheeses from all over the country. All this accompanied by Spanish wines – which do not contain the quantity of sulphites we find in North America – or occasionally a delicious jug of chilled sangria.

2 to 5: Work on your art projects, swim in the pool, read a book in the hammock down by the stream, take a stroll down a country lane, or there is time for a siesta.

5 to 6.30 or 7: Workshops reconvene with your instructor to follow up and further your days’ work with some one on one mentoring.

7 to 7.30: Time for Tapas! Take it easy by the pool and swap stories as you take a glass of wine and some tasty nibbles prepared by Mike, and understand just why the Spanish love this tradition! It's usually at this point that we explain a little about where we're going tomorrow, and give you an overview so that you will know what to look forward to on the upcoming excursions.

7.30: Enjoy the evening meal in the courtyard or by the pool and take the time to savour the food and the soft evening air. Perhaps after you spend a little longer on your painting or writing. Maybe you just sit quietly absorbing the peace and tranquility of this beautiful setting surrounded by olive groves. By now you might be noticing how time has slowed down just a little, and just how good that feels.

Tomorrow is another day.....